Recovery Mummy

"If Nothing Ever Changed, There'd Be No Butterflies!"

Recovery Cymru

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Recovery Cymru is a self-help and support community for people in or seeking recovery from substance misuse difficulties. They have a recovery centre in Cardiff and in the Vale of Glamorgan. They are also networked into the wider recovery community in Wales and the UK.

My Discombobulated Brain

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My Discombobulated Brain aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health head on, while offering a source of support and education to those who are affected by these issues.
My Discombobulated Brain came from an experience of what it was like to watch someone you love have mental health issues and the stigma they receive and are scared of, and then experiencing it personally.

Mind Cymru - Two In Mind

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Mind Cymru are working to make sure everyone in Wales has access to the mental health information, support and services they need. Mind Cymru won’t give up until everyone with a mental health problem in Wales is treated fairly, positively and with respect.
We also provide mental health care and support in communities all over Wales through our network of Local Minds

ACE - Communities First

ACE Communities First

ACE was set up to develop and deliver a range of different projects and activities to regenerate and improve the communities of Ely and Caerau. Work now includes a wide range of activities, from delivering the Welsh Government Communities First programme in Cardiff West, to working with individuals to help support and encourage community shaped ideas.